Welcome to the Holy Spirit Church

We are a church, Holy Spirit driven, Pentecostal church in Tanzania.


Our History

We started as a fellowship at home, we then moved to an area, we build an altar on which we are doing fellowship by sharing the word of God and Prayer. We are mostly moved in prophetic and related services.

We are inspired by working with the Holy Spirit and we always train people to move with the Holy Spirit.

Church services and location

+ SUNDAY: 9AM-1PM. main service of the day. +TUESDAY: 10AM-4PM.bible study and prayer.We

+WEDNESDAY: 4PM-6PM. Church bible study service.

+FRIDAY: a day of fasting prayer and meeting at 4PM-6PM for prayer service.

NOTE: every day is open for those who need special prayer and counseling. Our Pastor is present FULL TIME.


To become a sustainable model of excellence that contributes to the development of vibrant, creative, imaginative and effective independent Pentecostal Churches/Ministries that enables people of Tanzania to engage in the spreading and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and also contribute to poverty reduction and a better quality of life for all Tanzanians.


“To win the lost, equip and train those who are found in Christ”-To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Tanzania and also throughout the world until He returns: giving hope to all who need Him and helping different Communities in Tanzania.


We intends to promote the harmonious development of the whole personal-spiritual, intellectual, physical and social in order to maintain good character development and well-disciplined citizens for all nations and the world to come.


The fear of God, love of God and desire for God leads to full devotion to God.

How do we run the race?

+ by reading the Word of God.

+ by receiving faith.

+ by exercising prayer.

+ obeying by applying received faith.

Building project

We have building projects in our area. We need to expand the land, building church hall, offices and other premises that will be used by church officers.

Where do we get support?

Your money is very important in church building.


Visitors can find us on social websites.

Facebook / Instagram / Foursquare / Yelp

Open Hours

MonSat: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Dar es salaam, Tanzania


+255755288412 / +255769407195

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